We support various vehicle solutions such as shipbuilding industry, mobility, and etc.

  • Moved MABA CIC(Jeonju) to a New building
  • Designed Seoul-si Hydrogen Bus
  • Designed Hyundai Double Decker Bus Design
  • Designed Hyundai Double Decker Bus Design
  • Designed Hyundai Business Fair Decals
  • Designed and Conducted NACV(North America Commercial Vehicle) Show Decals and Flexible LED
  • Established of MABA CIC(Creative Innovation Center) in Jeonju
  • Conduted Xcient Wingbody Promotion
  • Designed the Special Edition of Hyundai Xcient Exhibit Vehicle
  • Designed Hyundai County Decals for Mass Production
  • Designed Vietnam Hyundai Universe, County Decals
  • Formed a Technical Partnership in the Charging Solution Area
  • Formed a Technical Partnership in the Display Field
  • Selected as the Supplier of Navigation system and Dash Cam for the Purpose of Improving Customer
  • Satisfaction of Hyundai Motor Company
  • Selected as the only Company for the Design Change of Public Transportation in Jeju-do
  • Acquired ISO Certifications (9001,14000)
  • Expanded its Office (Design and Materials Teams Relocated to Jeonbuk Techno Park)
  • Registered as an Subsidiary of Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Koo, Hyo-jeong Inaugurated as CEO of MABA Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Developed the Emblem for PORTER
  • Developed the Emblem for Hyundai Motor Company’s Special Vehicles
  • Registered as a Venture Company
  • Established and Registered the Research Center
  • Designed and worked on business-use vehicles for Yeosu Expo
  • Started a Service Work for Car Body Design (including Interior Design)
  • Designed and Worked on Eco-friendly Vehicles for G20 Preparatory Committee
  • Designed and Installed for Test Driving of Seoul Haechi Taxi
  • Established Seoul Design Studio
    (work assistance, external design, and public design tasks for domestic and overseas Hyundai Motor Company sales offices)
  • Registered as a professional design company by Korea Institute of Design Promotion
  • Established Jeonju Design Research Center (inside Hyundai Motor Company Jeonju Plant)
  • Founded company
  • Registered as an Affiliate Company of Hyundai Motor Company
  • Established Ulsan Plant
  • Founded MABA Decal Alliance
  • Invested in SCREEN Printers and TOMSON Processors
  • Established a Design Research Center Internally Developed STRIPES for PORTER, GRACE and TRUCK